The assembly of speakers this year is amazing. We listened to your feedback and developed sessions on topics that are most relevant to you. Learn more about the various speakers attending as well as the topics on which they will discuss in their sessions below. Be sure to check back for updates and more info.

Monday, October 10th

Networking Event

4:30 – 6:30 pm
The Women’s Leadership networking event on October 10th is your exclusive opportunity for networking and inside access to the breakout speakers of the 2022 Women’s Leadership Conference. This event will include: networking, light hors d'oeuvres, and a facilitated opportunity to grow your connections.

The networking event will take place the evening before the full-day conference with a limited number of tickets sold. You will build valuable relationships and leave feeling invigorated for the next full-day of speakers and networking opportunities. If you are someone who thrives on building intimate connections, you won’t want to miss what is included in this all-access pass.

Tuesday, October 11th

Full Conference

*Indicates main stage speaker — broadcast for virtual attendance

 7:30 am
Registration and Networking


8:30 am
Welcome & Morning Keynote

Denise Thomas headshot

Keynote Speaker: Denise Thomas*

Leading with Your Best Self and Authentic Mind

What is “Imposter Syndrome” and its impact on my effective leadership? In this session we will identify your personal values, beliefs, and pursuits while creating and adopting a MVP (Mission Vision Purpose) statement. We will learn and apply effective self-dialogue techniques as part of your leadership development, as well as best practices to influence authentic and high performance for yourself and other Women on a daily basis.


10:30 am
Networking Break


10:45 am
Vicki Updike Headshot

Breakout Speaker: Vicki Updike*

Power of Belonging

When we are in a place where we feel we belong, we do our best work. We don’t just do our best work individually, but we as a team do our best work. But we've all experienced those moments. Those moments that make us cringe or question what we just heard. Those moments that deflate our confidence and our sense of belonging. Most of us just let the moments pass and the consequence for belonging is significant. We will discuss these moments, belonging and how you can respond and more importantly why you should respond in those moments. Everyone has a role in belonging and it’s time we do it.

Vicki Updike

Vicki Updike is the president and founder of New Sage Strategies. A women’s leadership development company equipping women with the tactics and strategies to continue to build their career. Prior to consulting, Vicki’s corporate leadership journey included various marketing and executive positions. Her last corporate position was president of Silver Star Brands.

Having been a president and c-suite executive gives Vicki a unique perspective in coaching and business advising. She brings experience in the areas of strategic planning and execution, organizational development, and leadership coaching.

10:45 am
Coreen headshotBreakout Speaker: Coreen Dicus-Johnson

Mastering The Corporate Jungle Gym

We all have learning opportunities that aren't necessarily a title advancement but can help you advance in your career long-term. Learn how Coreen leveraged her knowledge, skills and abilities to take advantage of business opportunities in areas where she had limited to no experience. You will discover how the development of a personal brand can advance your opportunities to expand your responsibilities and business experience in your organization. And explore how relationship management will bolster your personal brand, lead to high performing teams and develop your leadership philosophy.

Coreen Dicus-Johnson

Coreen directs the corporate development and strategic direction of Network Health. She specializes in growing provider-health plan relationships and cultivating health care literacy. With over 20 years of experience in multiple facets of the health care industry, Coreen brings studied leadership and a history of proven results to Network Health. Coreen was named a Power Broker by the Milwaukee Business Journal Editorial Staff in 2021, 2020 and 2019.

She was named as one of BizTimes 2021 Notable Women in Insurance and in 2018 Coreen was nominated and received the BizTimes 2018 Health Care Heroes Executive Leadership Award. In 2015, she was selected as a Woman of Influence and also received Donald Driver’s Driven to Achieve Award. She received a Marquette University Alumni National Award in 2014 and was inducted into The Fellows Wisconsin Law Foundation in 2012. Coreen was named one of Milwaukee’s “Forty Under 40” in 2007.

10:45 am
Colleen Hauk HeadshotBreakout Speaker: Colleen Hauk

The ‘And’ Life: Create a Powerful Career and Extraordinary Personal Life

Executive teams consisting of both men and women are more likely to have above-average profitability, yet women continue to leave the workforce at higher rates than men. And still, more women are considering leaving the workplace or downshifting their careers, equating to as many as 2 million women who could leave corporate America. With female leaders leaving, we are stalling organizational profits and overall economic growth!

After suffering burnout and her own breaking point, Colleen Hauk transformed her situation and developed successful methods for living what she now calls the ‘and’ life — having a powerful career and extraordinary personal life. Colleen sees first-hand the reality of how work and life are more blended than ever, and she uses her experience, research and proven strategies to take burned-out female executives and turn them into top-tier women leaders.

Colleen Hauk

Colleen Hauk is a sought-after workplace dynamics expert and keynote speaker. She is the founder and CEO of The Corporate Refinery, a consulting and training firm that works with some of the world’s largest companies to forge new paradigms for women and what leadership means for today’s world.

Colleen’s passion grew from her 15 years as a corporate executive where she experienced first-hand the negative effects of poor leadership and lack of self-care. After suffering her own breaking point, she transformed her personal circumstances and inspired others across the organization to impact cultural change.

Colleen is the co-author of two books, including the bestseller, Women Who Ignite. She is a multiple-time contributor to Forbes and delivered her keynotes and trainings to Fortune 500 companies and organizations such as Dell, Merck, Panasonic, New York Life, and NielsenIQ.

11:45 am


12:30 pm
Stephanie Hendrick headshotBreakout Speaker: Stephanie Hendrick*

Sabotaging Your Own Success: How to Reprogram Your Mind to Win

Have you ever tried to unlock a door with the wrong key? Without the exact grooves of the necessary key, that door will never open.  Our minds are programmed with specific grooves similar to this. They affect our thoughts and subsequent response in the same way – our subconscious mind has grooves (experiences and beliefs) that are coded within us by the ripe age of 5. Incorporating the language of the mind to achieve our desired outcomes makes the difference between those that are stuck vs. those that tap into their unlimited potential. This presentation is one that you can actively participate in, and will leave you with new tools you can put to immediate use to tap into your highest potential.

Stephanie Hendrick

Published Author & National Speaker, Stephanie Hendrick, is an expert in Strategy & Leadership. Alongside her husband, they grew their first business in the mortgage lending industry from $5M in sales volume their first year to consistently over $120M before she decided to walk away from the day-to-day altogether. Stephanie knew she was more passionate about guiding others through their growth journey. Trained in Integrative NLP (Neurolinguistic Programming), Stephanie is expert in reprogramming your mindset for unlimited success.

12:30 pm
Ariel Naftali headshotBreakout Speaker: Ariel Naftali

Path to Purpose

Right now, more than ever, people are feeling burnt out, disconnected, and unfulfilled in their careers. What people really want, beyond remote work flexibility and a paycheck, is to feel like what they spend their time doing actually matters.

Connecting to your purpose through your work is one of the most important things you can do to sustain quality engagement, perform at the height of your potential, and experience long-term fulfillment. In this session, Ariel will share the three pillars of purposeful work that you must know and embody to feel authentically expressed through your work. She will also demystify the “work-life balance” conversation and clarify what to focus on instead if you’re looking to feel more satisfied in the personal and professional sectors of your life.

Ariel Naftali

Ariel is the founder of Perform With Purpose (PWP), where they empower leaders to realize their unique purpose and potential through authentic self-expression, sharing of creative gifts, and meaningful contribution. Ariel's passion for helping others cultivate more fulfilling work lives is rooted in her own career frustration and dissatisfaction. This led her to pursue master's level training in performance and positive psychology, disciplines that are now at the foundation of her work.

12:30 pm
Gina Glover headshotBreakout Speaker: Gina Glover

Focus on the 5th Question™

In this engaging and entertaining session, Gina Glover leads attendees on a journey to not only uncover but to master their 5th Question™. She helps move people beyond the standard and often mundane networking conversations to the connections that convert to real relationships.

From her years of experience as a career coach and highly-skilled networker, Gina guides her audiences on what they must do before, during and after the event. They will learn the critical elements of all effective 5th Questions, how to get past those inevitable uncomfortable moments, and how to apply follow up strategies after the event to strengthen every new connection they make.

Gina Glover

Gina Glover is a professional speaker and career coach who writes and talks about communication, networking, and career change. She’s worked in and with corporations, small businesses, associations and non-profits since moving to the Fox Valley in 1996.

She’s a graduate of Ferris State University (Go Bulldogs!) and in addition to speaking and coaching, she’s working on her first book to help people through the process of career change, on a quest to run a race in every state in the U.S. and believes all women deserve usable and functioning pockets!

1:30 pm


1:45 pm
Christi Krautbauer headshotBreakout Speaker: Christi Krautbauer*

Closing the Confidence Gap

In this interactive session, we will talk about research around the confidence gap between men and women, the impact confidence has on our performance, and most importantly, tactical ways for all of us to increase our confidence so that we can deliver our best performance.

Christi Krautbauer

Christi is an entrepreneur, mom, and women's leadership expert. She has delivered workshops at Grace Hopper, The Conference Board's Women's Leadership Conference, NAFE Twin Cities Summit and Aspire to Lead to name a few. In August 2021, Christi left the corporate world to lead Marketing Essentials. She lives in the Twin Cities with her husband and their three children. Christi also chairs the board of directors for the Diaper Bank of Minnesota.

1:45 pm
Dr. Robin Buckley headshotBreakout Speaker: Dr. Robin Buckley

Why Powerful Women are Scary

Why do powerful women still create discomfort within society?  We will look at the historical bases for why powerful women are still feared in society, as well as the progress, and lack of progress, women have made as of the end of 2021 to frame the conversation. Ultimately, we will investigate how we can thrive and grow as powerful women, individually and collectively.

Dr. Robin Buckley

Dr. Robin Buckley, CPC, helps high-achieving women thrive in their careers and relationships. She is an author, professional speaker, and cognitive-behavioral coach who works with executive women and high-performance couples. Her proprietary coaching model uses a business framework and cognitive-behavioral strategies to support clients in creating and executing concrete, strategic plans for developing their careers and relationships. The owner of Insights Group Psychological & Coaching Services, Dr. Buckley has a Ph.D. in clinical psychology and served as a doctoral professor and dissertation chair for students in business, leadership, education, and healthcare.

1:45 pm
Mai Krenzke headshotBreakout Speaker: Mai Krenzke

Let’s get Real

Real dialogue with Female Leaders!

In this panel discussion, we will have the opportunity to hear directly from successful female leaders who are navigating careers and families while leading through tremendous change in the workplace and society. Hear their insights and tips on succeeding during these challenging times. Learn from their experiences to take your own performance and leadership to the next level.

Mai Krenzke

Mai Krenzke | Program Manager, Simplification Throughout her 17 years at Oshkosh Corporation, Mai developed a diverse professional background starting out in tactical Global Supply Chain and moved into various management roles – from Project Management, Sales Management, Customer Order Management, Lean Office Value Stream Management, and recently, Program Management. Outside of work, she plays the roles of wife, mom, and business owner. She is either hanging out with her husband Andrew and two young boys, scaling up their family real estate business, or helping women create passive income and feel great in their skin with her online well-being business.


Sara Fedderly headshotSara Fedderly

Sara Fedderly | Director & General Manager, Series (Commercial) Sara Fedderly is Oshkosh Corporation’s Director & General Manager for its S-Series business unit. Sara is responsible for leading all aspects of the Oshkosh S-Series product line including P & L, operations, product development and more. Prior to her current role, Sara served as a Product Manager for the Oshkosh S-Series business line. Sara has been with Oshkosh Corporation for nearly 20 years, serving various roles of increasing responsibility — starting as an administrative assistance, supporting aftermarket parts before growing into her current role. Sara has a bachelor’s degree from the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh.



Tina Robinson-Adamski headshot

Tina Robinson-Adamski

Tina Robinson-Adamski | Vice President, Finance (Commercial) Tina Robinson-Adamski is Oshkosh Corporation’s Vice President, Finance, Commercial, a position to which she was appointed in February 2021. Ms. Robinson-Adamski is responsible for all areas of finance and accounting at Oshkosh Corporation's Commercial Segment, consisting of the McNeilus, IMT and London Machinery brands. Prior to joining Oshkosh, Ms. Robinson-Adamski was the Senior Director, Finance, Global Engineering and IT at Visteon Corporation. She spent 22 years in the automotive industry and held various positions in both finance and operations. She holds a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering from Michigan Technological University and a master’s degree in business administration from Michigan State University.



Kristina Spang headshot

Kristina Spang

Kristina Spang | Vice President, Aftermarket (F&E) Kristina Spang started her career at Pierce in early 2000 supporting production Purchasing and soon after moved to Aftermarket where the next 13 years of her career would unfold with a variety of responsibilities. Kristina wore the ‘jack of all trades’ hat – Procurement, Call Center, Parts Support, and Distribution – with the goal to learn as much as she could about the Aftermarket business before expanding out of her comfort zone into Sales Operations. The next 8 years in Sales were driven by new experiences with a whole different audience managing software tools and business processes followed by the greatest challenge thus far - return to Aftermarket as Vice President, Aftermarket Product and Support. Kristina is responsible for establishing the strategic direction and driving the tactical plans to strengthen our customer service capabilities and increase our Aftermarket parts sales. If the journey at Pierce has taught me anything it is – be inquisitive. One may be surprised just how much they can learn from asking questions, experiencing failure, and always being curious.


Jill Steffek headshot

Jill Steffek

Jill Steffek | Director, Engineering (Corporate) Jill has an engineering background in Materials Science and Engineering. She began her career as a Materials and Process Engineer, working at John Deere and Oshkosh Corporation where she was responsible for conducting failure analysis, material selection and application and process and procedure development. Jill transitioned into engineering management, first leading the finite element analysis team before leading the modeling and simulation team at Oshkosh. Throughout her career Jill has been a passionate advocate for STEM engagement in students and their parents. She has held numerous roles within the Society of Women Engineers at the local and regional level. Jill is an advocate for diversity within STEM careers and was a founding leader of the Oshkosh Corporation Women’s Network and the Oshkosh Corporation Women in Product Development internal group. Jill has a BS in Materials and Process Engineering and a MS in Mechanical Engineering - Polymer Science both from the University of Wisconsin Madison and a MS in Engineering Management from Milwaukee School of Engineering. She spends her free time with her husband, Mike, and her two young kids.


2:45 pm


3:00 pm
Afternoon Keynote

Ali Starr headshot

Keynote Speaker: Ali Starr*

Chase Your Lion!

Tashi Deley has developed a tool to assist you in creating the next best version of yourself. This tool is called eNLiGHTENMENT, assisting us in our practice of obtaining a higher level of Emotional Intelligence. You will learn the 5 main components of EI and the importance of practicing the art of honoring the greatness within yourself and others by better understanding and being able to regulate your emotions. In this session you will better understand how your past experience can influence your fight, flight or fix triggers. After you better understand what and why your body is naturally responding the way it does to an emotional hijack, you will learn a coping tool. When we better understand what is happening to our brain and our body, we are better prepared to respond versus react! When we are out of survive mode we can be in thrive mode, allowing us to “chase our lion.”


4:00 pm



Presented by Mary Schmidt
President of Schmidt Communications

4:30 pm
Cocktail Reception 


Registration Now Open

Why Should We Care About Women Leaders?

Having Gender Equality Benefits Everyone

It’s good for women in business to see themselves as leaders and to proactively seek leadership roles.

It’s good for business to draw on the creativity of a diverse staff and recognize the value of women in leadership.

It’s good for families, whether they rely on women as the sole breadwinners or share a two-earner income.

It’s good for everyone, because the more diverse the pool, the more talented our leaders will be.


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