The assembly of speakers this year is amazing. We listened to your feedback and developed sessions on topics that are most relevant to you. Learn more about the various speakers attending as well as the topics on which they will discuss in their sessions below. Be sure to check back for updates and more info.

Wednesday, October 6th

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Nada Lena Nasserdeen HeadshotPrivate Keynote

Women in the Workplace Conversation with Nada Lena Nasserdeen

Thursday, October 7th

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Morning Keynote

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Keynote Speaker: Marissa Orr presents



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Ali Starr headshotBreakout Speaker: Ali Starr

Don’t Believe Everything You Think!

"We suffer far more in imagination than in reality.” — Seneca

You will learn the importance of practicing the art of honoring the greatness within yourself and others by being aware of the stories we tell ourselves about ourselves, as well as the stories we tell ourselves about other people. You will be introduced to the ladder of assumption and will be reminded of what happens when our assumptions go unchecked. Our brain rewards us for creating a conclusion, we get a boost of serotonin every time a conclusion is made; however, it doesn’t reward us for the accuracy of our conclusion. Your thoughts, both accurate and inaccurate, might be more vital than how you communicate with yourself and others. Being your best personally and professionally is a life-long journey that begins with being the guardian to your own mind. When we know better we can do better! Decide, commit and most importantly be gentle with yourself...Ready, set, grow!

10:45 am
Breakout Speaker: Karen Lemke

How to Handle Feedback Without Losing Your Head and Your Heart

If you cringe at the thought of a 360, or a performance evaluation, or assessment results, you are not alone! Karen has struggled, too. Big time. But now there's hope! Karen's powerful program validates your feelings, offers practical mindsets and provides useful tools for handling feedback. You'll learn how to hold on to your personal power while sorting through the data, and how to create an exciting action plan that inspires you to become more of who YOU want to be. Karen's approach is authentic, vulnerable, humorous and insightful. Based on her own stories and struggles, Karen has combined her lessons learned with new research to create a process that builds your competence and your confidence. Maybe you've been knocked down with feedback in the past, but you can get back up again with a renewed sense of power and excitement… and have some fun along the way!

10:45 am
Holly Brenner HeadshotBreakout Speaker: Holly Brenner

Speak Your Mind Even if Your Voice Shakes

Holly expects a lot of herself and those she works alongside. A job worth doing is worth doing exceptionally well. This work ethic, high standards, a focus on relationships and staying true to herself are fundamental to why she has experienced professional success and harmony with her personal life.

Through storytelling, she will share the lighter side of this climb. Both the highs and lows as she offers highlights from her personal and professional journey so far. All while balancing a household and three pre-teens!

Are you an introvert or an extrovert? Charismatic or cantankerous? An intellectual, an empath or some combination of the above? If you're interested in hearing one person's view from the trenches and a few practical lessons learned along the way that any of us can incorporate, this presentation has something for you. Be ready to laugh a little and reflect on your personal journey.

10:45 am
Ben FauskeBreakout Speaker: Ben Fauske

Does Gender Impact Confidence?

You will walk away with a better understanding of your own confidence triggers and practical steps to build the career you deserve. Over 90% of new leaders have identified confidence issues as a significant challenge. What if the only thing standing between leaders and their ideal career is confidence?

Much has been documented on how an over or under confident leader can create a negative environment and damage a team. Leaders with Authentic Confidence allow open dialogue and diversity of thought which leads to high performance.

In this session, Ben will be sharing his latest research, strategies and real-life stories of transformation in this session. He had significant confidence challenges early in his career and will be sharing his journey from hating his work to loving hit. He will also be providing his book Authentic Confidence: The Secret to Loving Your Work and Leading an Unstoppable Career. Each participant will also receive a Confidence Profile Report. This will ensure the material will provide practical tools for leadership development in the future.

11:45 am
12:15 pm
Lunch Keynote

Vicki Updike headshot

Keynote Speaker: Vicki Updike presents

Know your Value

It is important for women to know their value. I feel that, on the whole, we downplay our value. Our value doesn’t come from the department we work in, the title we have, or the company that sends us a paycheck. That's not where the value lies. Your value is in what you contribute and what you bring to your place of work in a way that is unique to you. Let's define your value.

Grab your lunch and join us for Vicki’s presentation

1:15 pm
Cheryl Perkins headshotBreakout Speaker: Cheryl Perkins

Leadership Behaviors that will Transform your Career

Top executives around the world seek out Cheryl Perkins for the exact insights she will share with WLC attendees regarding how to leverage a few key leadership behaviors that will enable you transform you career while delivering exceptional results and building out your ecosystem. It’s all about your leadership behaviors, the culture, and the people. It expands beyond your four walls to include partners who have the capabilities you need to succeed.

In this compelling session, Cheryl Perkins, Founder and President of Innovationedge, will share best practices for taking your career to the next step. She’ll deliver examples and case studies of Leaders that have successfully delivered sustainable results with a few key behaviors.

1:15 pm
Betsy Rozelle headshotBreakout Speaker: Betsy Rozelle

Building Affinity: Harness the Power of Basic Interpersonal Skills to take your Leadership Cred to the Next Level!

Why is it that more than half of Americans surveyed say they don't feel someone at work cares about them as a person? Do YOU know how to show people you care? This workshop shows women how to become intentional about using the concept of affinity (the connection between and among people, based on common experiences, passions, and interests) to build successful relationships and teams and to foster environments of care. Betsy ties affinity-building to leadership, employee engagement, and team building. Using an interactive approach, the session allows participants to practice basic relationship-building skills with a new perspective.

1:15 pm
Kristin Bock headshotBreakout Speaker: Kristin Bock

Survival of the Friendliest: Why People Skills Matter

This talks covers the importance of people skills. Women tend to be associated more with soft skills/EQ/people skills, and organizations and leaders are increasingly realizing the value these core abilities and skills add to the workplace and world. Leadership shows up in different ways yet the most successful leaders have strong EI and PQ. In an age where we are on our devices constantly, the ability to connect personally and empathetically is even more important then ever. People skills matter. Communication matters. Civility matters.

1:15 pm
Betsy Rozelle headshotBreakout Speaker: Diane Roundy

The Power of you. Building Your Personal Brand.

Brands and our interactions with them are powerful. A delightful brand experience brings us back, clamoring for more, while a dismal encounter leaves us searching for something superior. It's the secret of marketers everywhere.

Have you ever thought about your personal brand? What do people think of you when your name is mentioned? When you are considered for that next project, for an award, or a future promotion? If you wish to get a handle on evaluating and building your personal brand, then this is a presentation that you cannot afford to miss.

Define and build your personal brand—then watch your individual and professional growth flourish. What is your personal brand? How would you describe it? Does it stand out? And what does it say to those around you?

It's time to get proactive so your brand doesn't take on a life of its own.

2:15 pm
2:45 pm
Afternoon Keynote

Nada Lena Nasserdeen Headshot

Keynote Speaker: Nada Lena Nasserdeen presents

Rise Up For You — Transformative Leadership From the Inside Out


3:45 pm



Presented by Mary Schmidt
President of Schmidt Communications

4:15 – 6:00 pm
Cocktail Reception

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Why Should We Care About Women Leaders?

Having Gender Equality Benefits Everyone

It’s good for women in business to see themselves as leaders and to proactively seek leadership roles.

It’s good for business to draw on the creativity of a diverse staff and recognize the value of women in leadership.

It’s good for families, whether they rely on women as the sole breadwinners or share a two-earner income.

It’s good for everyone, because the more diverse the pool, the more talented our leaders will be.

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