Are you wondering who will be speaking at the Women’s Leadership Conference, and just what they’ll be talking about? Learn more about the various speakers attending as well as the topics on which they will discuss in their sessions below. Be sure to check back for updates and more info.

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Welcome and Keynote

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Keynote Speaker: Dr. Tasha Eurich presents

Powering Up: How Self Awareness Helps Women Advance and Thrive


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Ben FauskeBreakout Speaker: Ben Fauske

Authentic Confidence: The Secret to Leading an Unstoppable Career

Over 90% of new leaders have identified confidence issues as a significant challenge. What if the only thing standing between leaders and their ideal career is confidence? Much has been documented on how an over or under confident leader can create a negative environment and damage a team. Leaders with Authentic Confidence allow open dialogue and diversity of thought which leads to high performance. In this session, Ben will be sharing his latest research, strategies and real-life stories of transformation in this session. He had significant confidence challenges early in his career and will be sharing his journey from hating his work to loving hit. He will also be providing his book Authentic Confidence: The Secret to Loving Your Work and Leading an Unstoppable Career. Each participant will also receive a Confidence Profile Report. This will ensure the material will provide practical tools for leadership development in the future.

11:15 am
Allison GarnerBreakout Speaker: Allison Garner

Best Leadership Distinction: Serving vs. Pleasing

Because we are social creatures, we think about how we will be perceived by others. It's as natural for humans as breathing. While this mindset is mostly helpful and keeps us behaving appropriately with each other, it can get us into trouble when we drift over into people pleasing. Even though our heart is usually in the right place, the impact of pleasing can make matters worse. People pleasing can look like fixing, giving advice, not speaking your truth, avoiding difficult conversations, and rescuing. Alternatively, you can serve others powerfully and more effectively by shining a light on their blind spots and empowering them to solve their own problems. In this session, Allison Garner will offer some compelling distinctions and opportunities to practice a new way of being. As a group, we will challenge our beliefs around difficult conversations, confrontations and people problems, then run through some live simulations together. Each new mindset shift will be paired with an experience to maximize learning and growth.

12:00 pm
12:30 pm
Robyn DavisBreakout Speaker: Robyn Davis

Celebrate the Phenomenal You!

As women we may find ourselves in spaces where we are overlooked, underestimated, barely tolerated and definitely not celebrated. Yet, we must encourage ourselves (and others) and acknowledge the ways that we show up every day as our phenomenal selves.

1:15 pm
Mandi DornfeldBreakout Speaker: Mandi Dornfeld

Workplace Resilience: Discovering How We Can Be Proactive in Building Our Own Strengths

For those of us in the workplace, we spend much of our waking hours at work, thinking about work or planning for work. Additionally, to be human is to experience stressful periods of life. Gone is the belief that the healthiest approach is to check your life at the door. We can discover balance between our lives and our work. Let’s spend time together talking about the Sources of Strength model and how we can be proactive in identifying our strengths, assessing the areas we need to attend to and creating a workplace culture that contributes to our well-being. The beauty of this model is there is no need to wait to implement a new program, project, or committee. You can leave this workshop and immediately start the work on increasing your resilience and inspiring those around you to do the same. Attend this fun, thoughtful, poignant and interactive workshop to reframe how work can be part of your life.

2:00 pm
Networking Break
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Angela MarshalekBreakout Speaker: Angela Marshalek

Looking Inward to Serve Outward: The  Art of Slowing Down to Speed Up!

In the 21st Century, leaders need a different kind of skillset to deal with adaptive problems. This will require leaders to slow down and build in reflective time to challenge one's thinking. Learn how to be intentional about building in contemplative practices that cause one to slow down to move strategically faster. Learn and expereince the wonderful things that can happen when one gets “in the space between” before moving forward.

3:00 pm

I Love It!

Presented by Mary Schmidt
President of Schmidt Communications

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Why Should We Care About Women Leaders?

Having Gender Equality Benefits Everyone

It’s good for women in business to see themselves as leaders and to proactively seek leadership roles.

It’s good for business to draw on the creativity of a diverse staff and recognize the value of women in leadership.

It’s good for families, whether they rely on women as the sole breadwinners or share a two-earner income.

It’s good for everyone, because the more diverse the pool, the more talented our leaders will be.

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