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The Women’s Leadership Conference is an all-day professional development and networking event created to provide a platform outside of the workplace to educate, encourage and inspire women to take their careers to the next level. Our purpose is to empower our attendees by creating a community dedicated to helping each other build and enhance amazing careers.

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Women's Leadership Conference

Women's hurdles to advancement in the workplace have never been greater, with burnout at an all-time high. Women leaders need support at this critical moment. This conference is focused on connecting, teaching, inspiring and empowering women to give them the insights they need to thrive.


Networking is critical for women. The conference brings together unique resources and opportunities for women as a network where you will be supported. This conference allows you to form new relationships and strengthen existing ones.


Taking yourself out of your usual routine will provide energy and perspective that builds vitality for the future. The speakers will help you challenge your perspective, better understand your strengths and weaknesses and focus your passion. Invest in yourself and walk away with skills that will instantly make you more effective at work.

Be Inspired

The conference will expose you to a wide variety of inspiring people and re-awakening your creative mind. Many businesswomen return to the workplace with a renewed sense of purpose and a long list of exciting ideas; perhaps the most valuable benefit of the conference!

We're Just Like You

The Women’s Leadership Conference equips women with actionable strategies to overcome the hurdles we often face in the workplace. This isn’t your typical women’s conference. This is a community of women learning and growing from each other. It's women, just like you, looking for a safe place to be vulnerable in all the challenges and successes we face. This is that space, this is that community.

Join us!

October 1 & 2, 2024 | Green Bay, WI


Meet the Speakers

The conference speakers have unique perspectives that can ignite candid conversation over the real issues that women face at work. Each speaker is impactful and will speak on topics that are relevant now.

Lisa Cruz

Backstage Event Keynote

Michelle Curran

Morning Keynote

Kate Carter

Afternoon Keynote

Quinn Conyers

Event Emcee

Shira Miller


Jenna Piche


Leah Jantzen


Mindy Lane


Kim Eschenbauch


Erin Conlon


Sara Deacon


Amanda Jefferson


Dr. Omobolade Delano-Oriaran


Impactful Moments

The Women’s Leadership Conference is a fun, inclusive, high energy space. A place where you can simply just be. And when you can simply be, your heart, mind and soul can open all the way up to receive what is meant for you to experience at the conference.

Recent conference attendees shared that the most valuable benefit they got was the connections they created.

"Great speakers, met new people, added things to my tool box."

"Such an inspiring event!!! Absolutely amazing."

"Pretty cool to look around at a conference and be surrounded by other likeminded women who are eager to learn and support and connect. Love the emphasis on attendees really taking the day for themselves. [Keynotes] were EXCELLENT!! Always really value the workbook!! So nice to have one item with agenda, bios, note taking space, etc."

"The atmosphere was so energizing. It was amazing to come together with so many wonderful women."

"The tangible tools that the speakers provided — very inspirational and empowering, but also useful tips."

Empowering Women.

Driving Change.

Women make up half the global population, yet, in leadership, are a minority compared to men in the workplace. This gender gap applies not just to employment, but also to compensation, career opportunities, and leadership roles.

Awareness is important, but even more so is action. Companies, teams, and peers must continually choose to challenge workplace bias, advocate for inclusion, and ultimately effect lasting change at work.
Women’s leadership conference plays a critical role in driving this change. By creating spaces that elevate, amplify, and empower women.

This is that space.

Something New in 2024

The Women’s Leadership Conference will be expanding to a third day. Oct 3rd will be the High School Girl's Leadership Conference. This half-day event, tailored for girls ages 14–18, aims to develop our future leaders by creating strong, confident girls.

Our teen girls are in crisis. The challenges that we professional women face start when we are in our teens. Research continues to tell us the issues of belonging, self-esteem and empowerment are significant in teenage girls. We are putting together a day to elevate these wonderful young women’s sense of belonging and self-esteem.

Message from Vicki

Each year, when I first enter the main hall of the conference, I’m overcome with emotion. I’m truly overwhelmed. I have spent more than two decades in leadership positions.  I was often the ‘only’ in the room and thought that’s just the way it is, what could I do to change that.  But there they are, hundreds of women just like me.

This unique conference has created a wonderful community of women, all looking to grow both professionally and personally. Women learning from one another how to navigate their journey. Women inspiring one another to continue to move forward. Women supporting one another through the stressful balance of our professional careers and home life.

New in 2024 is the High School Girls Leadership Conference. The challenges that professional women encounter begin in our teenage years. Ongoing research highlights the critical issues of belonging and self-esteem negatively affecting our teenage girls. Our responsibility as leaders is to guide the next generation towards becoming healthy, empowered adults. This special event will empower the next generation of female leaders by addressing the needs of high school girls today.

Women and girls finding their voice.

Vicki Updike • Coach | Advisor | Author

Founder of Women's Leadership Conference