OCTOBER 11, 2022


an event focused on educating, encouraging and inspiring women

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Vicki Updike

Founder of the Women's Leadership Conference & New Sage Strategies

Be Bold. Be You.

The Women’s Leadership Conference is an all-day professional development and networking event created to provide a platform outside of the workplace to educate, encourage and inspire women to take their careers to the next level. Our purpose is to empower our attendees by creating a community dedicated to helping each other build and enhance amazing careers.

The conference provides a platform for a diverse audience of professional women to receive inspiration and empowerment to achieve their career and personal goals. The conference features sessions, panel discussions and keynote presentations from experienced leaders with content focused on leadership development, career advancement and wellbeing. The 2022 event will center around “Be Bold. Be You.” — with messages, lessons and tools from leaders who desire to empower your personal growth and help you arrive at a place to trust from within. Learn alongside other women how to be bold in your career and life.

October 11, 2022

— KI Convention Center, Green Bay, WI —

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THE EFFECTIVE COMMUNICATION COACH — Denise Thomas is the President and Owner of The Effective Communication Coach, LLC, a consultancy focused on transforming emerging and existing professionals into extraordinary leaders by mastering the art of effective communication. With 19 years of experience within Fortune 500 companies, Denise has honed the ability to deliver and receive messages across language, cultural, and communication-style barriers. She has been recognized for excellence in leadership from companies including Toyota Motor Manufacturing Indiana, PepsiCo, General Electric, and MillerCoors. Denise continues her focus on empowering people by traveling and teaching effective communication to professionals worldwide.


Ali Starr

FOUNDER, TASHI DELEY — Ali Starr started Tashi Deley to pursue a passion and a dream. Tashi Deley is a Tibet greeting that means "I honor the greatness within you." Prior to creating Tashi Deley she served as the VP of Culture Development at Verve, a Credit Union. Ali has a diverse background having worked for the NBA, NBC 26 and the NCAA. Ali lives by the motto "who you are is good enough, don't ever stop creating the next best version of yourself. It feels great to grow."

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Here's what past attendees are saying

This was one of the best conferences I have been to in years. Each speaker brought excellent insight and actionable items.

It was a day filled with support for and from women who have a common goal. I felt energized and empowered!

The feeling of empowerment that is almost overwhelming when you have all of these women here to talk about their experiences and current leadership success.

It was a great conference to ensure I am always at the forefront of my success.

Great day to reflect on myself and identify what I need to do. Amazing networking opportunities as well although attending virtual made thing a little difficult but the chat was great and well utilized.

Invest in women leaders

We’ve come so far in recognizing the value of gender diversity in corporate leadership. It’s paying dividends. Research shows that companies are more profitable when women are well represented at the top.

Businesses and professionals need to continue to fuel the momentum of the progress we’ve made in gaining leadership roles for women. Especially now, when women’s roles in the workplace are at risk. It’s the unfortunate reality of corporate America today — 1 in 4 women are considering downshifting their careers or leaving the workforce completely.

Come alongside us. Together we can show our women leaders — and future women leaders — that they are valued and exceptionally needed in the working world.

When you support women in the workplace, you’re

  • Fostering confidence
  • Encouraging a community of support
  • Meaningfully impacting a company’s culture
  • Affirming the value of gender diversity in corporate America